Break Through In Protection TM

The world's first touch-free male condom with improved protection and added convenience. The patented Flip Easy TM design is the next progression of male condoms.


Touch-Free, Directional, Glow in the Dark.

Pull open tab

Flip and pull open tab to lift package

Place condom on the tip

Place condom on tip of erect penis with glow in the dark arrows facing penis

Roll condom onto penis

Roll condom downwards to base of penis using fingers

Pull away condom wrapper

Flip and pull open tab to lift package seal


Improved Protections, Added Convenience

Research by Flip Easy Inc. found 95% of male contraceptive users aged 15 - 55 were unaware of hand contact contamination, [HCC].

"Sex outside my bedrroom doesn't always involve clean hands, so touch-free is a good idea." Ted Walter, McMaster University

"l ilke how the condom is directional, I sometimes contaminate the condom by applying it backwards"-Sam Lui

"Unwrapping, and rolling on a condom has always been distracting. if i can flip and slip this on with one hand and two fingers then i'm game." -Armin Shahi, York U

Improved Protection

HCC occurs when hands and fingers come into contact with bodily fluids or germs before sex and contaminate the condom. hand penile condom contact increases the chances of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections)

Innovative Packaging

FlipEasy's touch-free design prevents hand contact with the condom, reducing the possibility of STD and STI transmission.


Driving Synergies

Flip Easy Inc. is an innovative product and service company holding various patents in the male contraceptive market.
Manufacturing and licensing opportunities are now available for the Flip Easy product line.Flip Easy Inc. seeks partners to launch the Flip Easy male condom to the worldwide market.
The Flip Easy condom allows partners to develop existing product lines that appeal to the lucrative 18-26 market segment.
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Touch-Free, Directional, Glow in the Dark.

Market Segment

On the consumer level, the current market can be divided into two segments: Branded vs. Commodity product offerings. The Branded segment is composed of up-marketed.

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US 6,929,118 B1
Nofel Izz, (Canada)
Assigned to Flip Easy Inc. (Canada)

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Flip Easy's condom innovation is prototype ready. We are currently looking for investors and/or partners to come on board.

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About Company

Flip Easy Inc. is an innovative products and service company that ensures protection is quick, safe and easy. Flip Easy is privately owned and is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Because we offer a unique product, we aim to become an internationally recognized brand name with aggressive growth and annual profitability.

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Flip Easy Inc. is patent protected and ensures that its patented wrapper design remains protected for investors. The design is unique and easy to use. Please view the patent information on this document. 

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